Ashley Did What?!


Handmade conference notecards made with Strawberry Jude Stamps

This year’s OJP conference was a blast. My colleagues and I got to attend multiple breakout sessions. I learned about: Advocating for victims with criminal records A new program providing follow up services to DV related 911 calls Finding help for those who are cyber stalked A new community corrections program to help women abusers, and How the DOC is working to keep victims informed. Keep checking This Side for the in-depth… Read More

Next month, Linda Flanders a retired San Fransisco police officer is giving my colleagues and I a crash course in de-escalation for mental health crises. If you want to check out what she is teaching, you can buy a copy of her book: Crisis Intervention 101: De-escalation Steps for Law Enforcement, First Responders and Everyone Else. For those less inclined to buy a book, stick around. I’ll post a quick summary of what I learned.

This month’s training: VAT Civil Justice System, VAT Criminal Justice System, VAT Military Justice System, VAT Tribal Justice System, VAT Types of Victim Services, VAT Compensation, VAT Victim’s Rights, VAT Ethics. Wish me luck!