Start Your Own Success Story

Congratulations, I commend you for getting this far. It takes courage to start down a new path. I wish I could tell you that the hardest part was over, but it is not. The decision to change is difficult. The decision to stick with the change is excruciating… until the day you wake up and realize that the changes you made were who you really were all along.

This blog is dedicated to finding a perfect fit in all areas of life. Most of what you are going to see are things that I have a personal history with. I’m right with you growing as I learn and learning as I grow.

So, let’s break this down. 

There are numerous sections to this blog. The main categories are: Fashion, Faculties, Finance, Fitness, Food and Fun.

Fashion2Fashion: This section is dedicated to your look. Here you’ll find my style guide, what to buy on a bare bones budget, and a few other tips and tricks to make you look fabulous.

Faculties: Your mind is important! Each week you will find something new to keep your brain juices flowing.

Finance: Having money and knowing what to do with money are not mutual things. You have either been sat down and had money explained to you or you haven’t. This section is dedicated to explaining money matters so you can make informed decisions that are best for you.


Fitness2Fitness: What workout works for you? Do you know? This section is all about discovering fitness… in all forms.


Food2Food: Food is fuel, but it can also be delicious. Check this section out to find new recipes, as well as nutritional tips.


Fun: This section is all about exploring life.


Let’s start!

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