A is for Advocate

A is for advocate. It’s also for Ash. Put the two together and what do you get? Me!

I never really intended on becoming an advocate. I didn’t go to school for it. I went to school to become a political analyst and as a back up a history teacher. I found myself in a field that uses both skill sets, but incorporates so much more (which is why I’m also back in school). That so much more bit, is what this blog is about. In the following posts you, dear reader, will have the opportunity to share with me this wild crazy ride.

How this is all broken down.

Currently, there are 6 categories you should be familiar with. Field notes, Self Care, Quotes, Inspiration, Post Cards from the Road, and Remembrance. Here are what they represent:

Field notes: Twice a month I intend to publish my field notes. These are personal lessons that I have learned as an advocate. While they revolve around what is happening in my own advocacy, please understand that unless I’m court ordered to talk about my clients, I won’t be jeopardizing them or their confidentiality.

Self Care: Advocacy work can be challenging even in the best of circumstances. It’s always important to schedule in a little self-mantinance. Therefore, once a month I intend to share with you something that helps me recharge my advocate batteries. It could be something as simple as a coloring page to something more complex like guided mindfulness.

Quotes & Inspiration: While quotes and inspiration are technically part of my own self-care, I like to take a moment each week and reflect on something good. Hopefully you too will enjoy some of these uplifting quotes, stories and interviews.

Post Cards from the Road: To do advocacy work means constantly learning new things from new people. That often entails visits, training trips, and getting out into the community. Each time I do some advocacy related travel, I try to tell you a little bit about it here.

Remembrance: This section is dedicated to remember where advocacy work came from and why it is so desperately needed.

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