A Season in Review: Summer 2017

This summer went by way too fast. I swear I blinked in June and it is now… September? With that in mind, it’s time for the obligatory seasonal post. This is what I was able to accomplish in Summer:

  1. I rearranged my start date for NDSU.
  2. I completed 2 research courses for 4 credits. I received an A in both.
  3. I won a scholarship from Phi Theta Cappa.
  4. I joined a blogging group.
  5. I started taking boxing classes with my clients and I’m contemplating Jiu Jitsu.
  6. I signed up for 4 classes this semester (God help me).
  7. I bought a bullet journal and am working to master it. However, I think I’m also going to continue in my Erin Condren planner.
  8. I restarted Instagram.
  9. I completed my stint of  ‘no soda for 6 months’. (FYI- soda tastes so gross now.)
  10. I participated in National Night Out.
  11. I planned my vacation!

With everything that went on, I’m no longer surprised that Summer felt like a fleeting moment. This fall is set to be even busier but as I always say #StayBussyStayBlessed.

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